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What type of exercise helps to lose weight fastest? (Part 2)

Ranking of exercise methods:

Even though there are individual differences, sports calorie consumption is generally estimated to provide an overview for the practitioner. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE) methodology based on a person weighing nearly 60 kg (130 lb), the order of exercise methods in terms of calorie intake is:

– Running: 206 calories / 30 minutes.

Even at a slow pace, we can burn a sizable amount of calories in 30 minutes. To increase the effectiveness of weight loss, we can increase the intensity of running or sprinting in a number of intervals.

– Hiking: 176 calories / 30 minutes.

Not only does it help with weight loss, but going for long walks also opens up opportunities to relieve stress, suspend technology exposure by forcing us to go outdoors. Due to not traveling on a flat road, this activity requires the operator to navigate and overcome topographical obstacles, which in turn consumes more energy than normal walking.

– Cycling: 117 calories / 30 minutes.

Whether cycling fast or slow, the calories that we consume during the exercise of this sport is quite high. However, cycling is not the same form of interval training, high intensity and combined movements as in some classes today.

– Skipping (fast): 115 calories / 30 minutes.

This is a fun and reminiscent form of exercise for everyone. Different from the exercise pressure like the above methods, jumping rope is almost a game and still consumes a lot of calories.

Walking (medium pace): 97 calories / 30 minutes.

Walking is the simplest and easiest form of exercise for everyone. The special feature of this method is that we do not need to walk continuously for a short period of time. Changing the habit of moving around places near home or taking advantage of steps to increase the number of steps we work to burn a certain amount of calories.

– Weight training: 88 calories / 30 minutes.

While it’s not the form that helps us spend the most energy, weight training has many other benefits such as increased strength, muscle mass and improved metabolic rate. Notably, when we have more muscle, the increased metabolism helps the body burn more calories even when we rest. This is also a great benefit that makes weightlifting a method to improve your physique quickly.

– Yoga: 73 calories / 30 minutes.

Yoga is essentially a method of stretching and relaxing the body. Yoga does not require the body to use a lot of energy. However, this exercise method is especially suitable for those who want to improve their flexibility, recover and reduce stress.

What type of exercises help to lose weight fastest? (Part 1)

Based on the level of energy consumed in each subject, we can choose the type of exercise that suits our goals and preferences.

Let’s find out some types of exercises help to lose weight fastest in this article!

Currently, we have many choices in training with different methods and sports such as running, weight training, cycling, yoga, etc.

Besides the different types of exercise, the level of energy consumed in each subject is also not equal. This factor is the basis of evaluating the speed and effectiveness of each method.

However, many people are calculating the calories consumed in a sport by the amount of sweat and pressure they experience during exercise.

According to CNET, the most accurate method of calculating calories consumed during exercise is to use electronic devices that monitor heart rate and based on the subject’s age, gender, weight, and height.

If we do not own such a device and have not had the opportunity to try all sports, we can still grasp the basic calorie consumption in popular exercise methods, thereby choosing the right form with the target.

Factors that influence calorie intake:

Coach Brook Taylor (USA) said that the main factors affecting and determining the amount of calories consumed during the training session include:

– Heart rate threshold during exercise: During exercise, we need to find out our maximum heart rate and target for this index in each phase of movement. Thereby, the training effect will be best guaranteed.

– Resting heart rate: For those with normal health, the heart rate when inactive will be at the threshold of 60-100 beats / minute.

Weight: According to Brook, people with a high weight consume more calories during exercise.

– Type of exercise: Heart rate-based exercise methods such as running, cycling, etc., will force the body to consume more energy than doing weights or yoga during movement.

What kind of belly fat are you experiencing?

“How to lose belly fat” is one of the keywords that many people search for. This is also a saying by the majority when coming to the gym.

Social development and unhealthy lifestyles are the main causes of this phenomenon. However, we have to know more about each type of belly fat to have an effective way to save time.

Stressed Belly

Cortisol causes abdominal obesity through two ways. First, the composition of this hormone makes the body more prone to storing visceral fat.

Visceral fat is stored between the body’s main organs in the central area. This is also the most dangerous type of fat for health as it increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, cortisol levels will spike when the brain detects that we are anxious or stressed. When we encounter this condition, we tend to find food uncontrollably and cause “stressful eating” syndrome, which in turn leads to belly fat.


– Exercise about 30-45 minutes a day.

– Choose healthy foods for breakfast to limit mood swings and cause cravings.

– Eliminate junk food.

– Reduce the amount of caffeine from coffee, tea … This is a substance that increases the level of cortisol in the body.

– Combine meditation, yoga … to reduce stress.

Hormonal Belly

Low levels of sex hormones like estrogen in women and testosterone in men may lead to a greater risk of fat storage in the abdomen.


– Add fiber with legumes, fruits, and vegetables in the meal.

– Choose healthy fats, especially omega 3 with fish, egg yolks, unsalted butter …

– Exercise not too high intensity to keep stress low.

Limit unhealthy foods like fast food.

Alcohol Belly

Alcohol and beer belly fat is not as sticky as belly fat comes from a hormone disorder. However, its effects on health are also great.

Drinking too much alcohol slows down the body’s metabolism and increases fat storage. In addition, beer or alcohol are both empty energy foods. They have no nutritional value but still cause the body to gain weight.


– Eliminate or limit alcohol, beer and alcohol consumption.

– Choose some cardiovascular support exercises such as high-intensity cardio (HIIT), resistance training (weight training).

Add fruits, vegetables and lean meat protein to your diet.

Mommy Belly

Usually, after having to stretch to accommodate the fetus, the abdomen often cannot return to its previous state. At this time, the abdominal muscles are separated and cause “abdominal cramps”.


– First of all, mothers should go to health facilities to check insulin levels, rule out the possibility of diabetes.

– Avoid exercises that bend, roll abdominal muscles. This makes the abdominal muscles more sag.

– Pay attention to high intensity, interval cardio and weights.

– Add exercises to strengthen the central muscles such as plank, dead bug, bird dog, etc.

Bloated Belly

Bloating occurs when we have an unhealthy diet or an allergy or intolerance to certain foods.


– Increase exercise intensity every day, especially high-intensity exercises.

– Improve the quality of sleep with some food or meditation, yoga, etc.

7 habits that make you gain weight

Choosing food is the first step in determining the success of the weight loss process.

1. Buy in bulk

Many people think buying in bulk will save money. However, it can become a risk that you may not adjust your eating habits and be wasteful. When there are plenty of junk food available, pastries in the home make it easier for you to eat more.

2. Do not read the ingredients carefully

Before you put food in the cart, carefully check the ingredients. The products you buy every day can be high in harmful sugar and fats. This habit makes you rethink every time you buy food, drink, and spices.

3. Shopping when hungry

Buying food when you’re hungry makes it difficult to control your thoughts. This can be overcome by eating more fruits like apples, bananas or nuts. Research in the Journal of Nutrition shows that adjusting your food buying habits can help you lose weight.

4. Do not prepare shopping list

Shopping list helps you to get rid of temptations. Supermarkets, markets are places with variety of food. Once you’ve figured out what you want to buy, just follow the right list and skip the unnecessary ingredients.

5. Salad Bar

The salad bar looks convenient but does not guarantee the nutritional factor for those who want to control weight. Supermarket sauces do not clearly display ingredients. In addition, some ingredients such as fried chicken, noodles, mayonnaise marinated fruit are high in calories.

6. Let your children choose foods

When you let your child choose foods at the store, it will lead to a situation where it is difficult to control the type of food. Meanwhile, high-calorie confectionery products and chips will attract their attention. Eat this’s pen points out that these foods are often placed in the child’s eye.

7. Choose foods based on organic brands

Eating organic is a healthy choice. However, not all products should be included in a weight loss menu. Calorie control is still the main factor. Foods still cause weight gain if you eat too much.

5 simple tips for effective slimming

Are you trying to lose belly fat? What would you think if we told you that this can happen with no effort or any diet?

Belly fat is one of the things that worries women the most. To be successful in this, many people believe that there must be perseverance and patience in their diet. That is why it is so useful if we find the causes of belly fat.

Busy people often don’t have time to practice. However, this is no longer necessary because there are a few habits that we regularly practice but perhaps incorrectly can gradually reduce your belly fat.

1. Stand up straight

It is not surprising that a perfect figure can do wonders for both back, abdomen and bones. Besides standing wrong, humpbacked standing can add a bit of fat to your stomach, it can also make you lose confidence. For a quick and surprising result, practice with a few more moves to correct your posture.

During exercise, you will notice your abdominal muscles get stronger and stronger and now your bones do the same movements. This will make you practice without getting too overwhelmed. Follow the traditional way of putting a book on top and then back and forth for a few minutes and you will get used to it. If you follow this practice regularly, you will be training your body to stay upright at all times.

2. Reduce stress

Stress is the cause of your plan to lose belly fat collapsed. It causes too much anxiety for you thus increasing the production of a hormone called cortisol that directly adds belly fat.

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise to reduce stress and keep human form. However, you can also add in other stress relief exercises.

Always remember that breathing should not be done sporadically. There are a few breathing exercises that can reduce fat and also train your bones. These are the easiest exercises for belly fat.

3. Squeeze belly fat

Squeezing your belly fat may seem uncomfortable, but it offers benefits, both for bones and skin. It is a popular and easy way to help tighten your stomach and train your muscles.

Experts encourage squeezing belly fat until it becomes a habit and you will naturally do it over and over in your training cycle. Those who have practiced it have also shown that this method does not harm at all.

4. Sleep well

Besides stress, lack of sleep is also another reason contributing to increased fat in the abdomen. It is a well-known fact that inadequate sleep can seriously affect your body. You will not be able to maintain a good shape if you sleep too little or sleep a lot.

The best way is to get rid of that habit and set up a specific and regular schedule. Try to sleep at the right time instead of strenuously.

5. Reduce alcohol

You may not know that alcohol is the factor that promotes the aforementioned cortisol with the effect of increasing belly fat. Since these hormones directly add fat to the abdominal area, you will find that with excessive consumption of alcohol or alcohol, it can be difficult to practice staying fit.

This is the time to quit this unhealthy habit and instead drink purified water.

Benefits of losing weight with bean sprouts (Part 2)

Benefits of losing weight with bean sprouts.

Sprouts are foods with a very high source of vitamins and protein. But on the contrary, the extremely low calorie count is good for weight loss. Are bean sprouts fatty ? Eating bean sprouts can not be fat, but also helps to lose weight. Bean sprouts also have a fairly high fiber content. Help to stimulate the intestinal tract, laxative and help with better digestion.

Sprouts are also aided in the treatment of a very popular hypercholesterolemia. So experts advise overweight people to choose bean sprouts as the top weight loss food.

Benefits in enhancing female hormones.

According to research by experts, bean sprouts also contain some special ingredients such as: Zinc, Omega 3 and antioxidants. These are essential components for the development of female hormones.

Eat a lot of non-fat bean sprouts that the body also produces high amounts of estrogen for those who do not eat. Estrogen is a female sex hormone that fights menopause and aging. Helps to treat menstrual disorders, helps to lose weight and keep in shape safely.

What is being overweight or obese, and where can you find help?

The detoxifying benefits of bean sprouts.

Are bean sprouts fatty ? Eating bean sprouts is not fat but also has a miraculous use. That is the elimination of many harmful substances in the eating process. Every day when we eat and drink, our bodies accidentally ingest toxins. When eating bean sprouts, there will be free detoxifying active ingredients that help the body to detoxify itself.

The detoxification process of your body will also help you lose weight faster. Burning excess fat and accumulating excess fat is quite effective.

Especially for those who are frequently exposed to alcohol, bean sprouts have a great effect. That is, eating bean sprouts helps to make the wine very good in a very short time.

Eating bean sprouts cure many diseases.

Sprouts help support many diseases, improve health. Especially cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure, blood cholesterol, breast cancer, rectal cancer, joint diseases …

Sprouts contain vitamin E, which helps to increase fertility in women. Bean sprouts are also used in traditional medicine to treat infertility and weak physiology.

Helping Your Child Who is Overweight | NIDDK

Small notes when using bean sprouts

Despite its many uses, everything has its downside if you don’t use it properly. Below are a few caveats when it comes to using it as a daily dish.

  • Choosing bean sprouts with a clear origin encourages you to make your own. Because making bean sprouts at this brand is also very simple.
  • Do not fry bean sprouts with pork liver.
  • Do not eat bean sprouts when you are hungry.
  • Do not eat bean sprouts while taking medication.
  • People with cold properties, cold limbs, and loose stools are forbidden to eat bean sprouts.
  • Should not eat too much bean sprouts, it can easily lead to gastrointestinal disease.

Benefits of losing weight with bean sprouts (Part 1)

Bean sprouts are the food that many families choose in every meal. So eating bean sprouts is not fat ? Now is a big question that many people wonder. 

Everyone knows that bean sprouts are nutritious foods that are very healthy. Refer to the menu of those who are trying to lose weight. They all say that eating bean sprouts helps them lose weight very well and is adopted by many people.

Giảm cân và giảm béo khác nhau như nào?

Are bean sprouts fatty?

One question that makes women in the stage of beauty extremely headache is that eating bean sprouts is fatty? And our answer is that eating bean sprouts is fat-free, but it also has many benefits. Bean sprouts are foods that have natural sweetness and heat effect. In addition, it also has the effect of detoxifying, circulating blood vessels, regulating the organs. The use of weight loss is the biggest use in addition to making the skin healthy and beautiful.

According to investigation, each 100gam bean sprouts made from green beans contain 8 calories. Whereas bean sprouts contain a very high water content with fiber. So bean sprouts are the ingredients to help overweight and obese people want to lose weight.

In addition to weight loss, bean sprouts also have the effect of reducing cholesterol with fats in the blood. This has a great effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases very effectively.

So, with the above sharing, you can answer the question. Are bean sprouts fatty or not ? Here we will share more great benefits of losing weight with bean sprouts.

Top 20 cách giảm cân an toàn hiệu quả dành cho cả 2 phái nam và nữ

There are many types of bean sprouts made from green beans, black beans or soybeans. But normally people use green beans to make bean sprouts. However, to bring the practical benefits of bean sprouts, you need to choose the right bean sprouts. On the current market, bean sprouts contain stimulants and grow a lot. So most people choose to make their own bean sprouts at home. To bring the highest benefit when using bean sprouts for the family.

Is fast weight loss safe to you?

Can you lose weight fast ?

Fat loss, and rapid weight loss are all possible, but you need to know how much weight you lose is reasonable.

Because if you lose too much weight in a short period of time, your body will fall into a debilitating state, unable to adapt to a new weight, affecting your health.

What mechanism helps to lose fat fast but safe?

Safety is at the heart of fast fat loss. There are many methods that can help you lose fat quickly, such as liposuction surgery, fasting, and taking medicine but have many potential health risks. 

Giảm cân hiệu quả, an toàn với người thừa cân - béo phì

The methods of losing weight according to the Oriental Medicine using massage, acupressure and implantation only work on the area that needs to lose fat fast, with the same principles of fat loss as exercise but more powerful. for faster results. This whole process will be controlled by your doctor so it is safe for you.

Skilled massage movements combined with Oriental medicine slimming technology will impact directly on the fat storage area, helping to liquefy fat and easily excreted through urine, sweat glands … the most important process. is the metabolic balance.

In particular, to optimize the results of fat loss by methods between Eastern and Western medicine such as applying RF technology, these technologies allow decomposition of new cells, minimizing the fat accumulation back, at the same time, under the impact of multi-polar RF waves, your skin becomes smoother and firmer right after the first treatment.

Cấy Chỉ Giảm Béo - Giải Pháp Loại Bỏ Nhanh Mỡ Thừa

The results of weight loss, weight loss are natural, so you do not have to fast, take weight loss pills, or have surgery, side effects of the fat loss process …

The new trend of slimming today in the world does not stop at just weight loss, just fat loss, but also towards a more advanced and sophisticated demand: creating a balanced form for the “golden” ratio between 3 bust – waist – hip. 

Top 6 reasons why you have failed perennial fat loss

Long-term fat loss with many different methods but are not successful. Do you know what the reason is? Join us in the article below to understand the reasons why your slim body always fails!

1. Unsuccessful perennial fat loss due to eating the wrong food

Some food groups are high in calories and fat, which will cause the body to accumulate fat quickly, not in time to burn it all during the day. Therefore, excess fat is left in a lot if not recognized and changed the type of food used at each meal.

Foods used to reduce fat for people with difficulty losing weight include many types. In which, fruits and vegetables are the priority foods in the first group. After that, some foods that should be controlled in quantity are nutritional nuts, seafood, meat, eggs.

Giảm cân thế nào là hợp lý? Bí quyết giảm cân

For the group of starchy foods such as rice, bread, soup, and pho, you should limit. This type of nutrient can cause an excess of calories quickly even in smaller amounts compared to other food groups.

2. Eat healthy food in too large amounts

Although the food groups that we mentioned above can be used for diet, when consumed in too large amounts, it also leads to excess calories. Therefore, eating as you like not only makes the plan to lose fat collapsed, but also increases your fat significantly.

So that you do not fall into the state of losing weight forever without success, divide your diet appropriately. A suitable diet menu will help people quickly own a slim, toned body unexpectedly.

Giảm cân hiệu quả, an toàn với người thừa cân - béo phì

3. The plan to lose weight failed due to inactivity

In addition to dieting, long-term fat people should apply motor movements. This is the fastest way to burn calories while boosting your metabolism and boosting your health as fast as possible.

The right ways of exercise to help improve your health and lose fat are exercising at home or taking classes. In particular, the most effective calorie burning sports are zumba, gym, earobic …

4. Use sugary and fatty drinks

One of the reasons for long-term unsuccessful fat loss is the consumption of sugary and fatty beverages. Accordingly, milk tea, chesse tea, carbonated soft drinks are the drinks you should stay away from.

Instead, the use of detox types to reduce fat will greatly benefit your health. These drinks are low in calories, can promote detoxification and increase metabolic activity of the body. As a result, the measurement of the rings will be significantly reduced.

5. Long-term fat loss failed due to unhealthy activities

Staying up late, sleeping less, and being stressed out can lead to decreased metabolism, increased appetite, especially starchy foods. Therefore, an unhealthy diet is one of the factors that cause your fat loss process to fail.

To prevent this, stick to a healthy routine with a well-documented schedule of activities. In addition, a meal time frame should also be set in order for the fat loss process to achieve the desired results.

6. Not applying proper measures to reduce fat properly

The long-term unsuccessful fat loss is often due to the difficulty in removing excess fat. Therefore, the usual measures to slim the body such as diet and exercise rarely bring high results.

To slim the body, reduce belly fat for long-term fat people, it is necessary to have appropriate methods. In particular, the application of high technology in fat treatment is considered by experts to be the safest and most effective.

Summary Of The Fastest And Most Effective Slimming Experience (Part 1)

Each person’s weight loss journey is different, some people lose weight quickly, some people don’t. There are also people who draw up their own slimming experience after many failures. 

Today, we will share with you interesting things about weight loss, as well as the knowledge to help you create your own slimming experience!

Summary of valuable experience and knowledge about slimming:

Make a habit of teaching early and exercising in the morning

The process of weight loss training is quickly summarized through the experience of slimming, which is to train early. Exercising when your body is still hungry will quickly consume excess calories in the body. For some people who start teaching early, it is advisable to start with the basic steps such as walking 20 minutes is enough, then after getting used to some time, you will start to run lightly and start the exercise.

If you apply it evenly in the first week or so, your excess fat will be significantly reduced.

Cấy Chỉ Giảm Béo - Giải Pháp Loại Bỏ Nhanh Mỡ Thừa

Use some junk food to lose weight

For some, snacking habits are a major cause of weight loss. You can use some snacks to lose weight to not both feel uncomfortable when eating and just lose weight effectively.

Along with that, drink plenty of water so your stomach doesn’t get hit. If you do not like the use of water, you can use some types of tea to lose weight, detox …

Learn how to calculate calories in each serving

Learn how to estimate the calories in each hunch that will help you control your weight extremely effectively.

But if estimating calories at every meal makes you feel too stressed out, then Beautiful Women tell you a little trick that is to put down the chopsticks after each chew. This will help you reduce quite a lot of food intake in the body.

Do light exercises in your free time

If you don’t have a lot of time in exercising, make yourself a habit of doing light exercises every spare time.

So why not do the heavy physical exercises but light exercises?

When you do heavy exercise, it will consume a huge amount of calories, which will make the body crave. Instead of doing heavy exercises, you should do light exercises so that your body can adjust gradually, without losing severe calories and making your body crave.

Eliminate high-carb foods

Giảm cân thế nào là hợp lý? Bí quyết giảm cân

Starch is the main ingredient in making calories, when calories are not consumed, it will turn into fat

Increase the amount of fiber for the body

According to the experience of slimming, increasing the amount of fiber for the body will help you worry about reducing cravings to ensure the process of weight loss is carried out quickly and effectively.

Eliminate the habit of eating processed foods

Eating processed foods is one of the causes of obesity. Because of fast foods with low nutrient content but the composition of fat is much because it helps your body to gain weight uncontrollably.

Here is a series of general knowledge about slimming experience as well as answers to questions you have about the slimming field.