7 habits that make you gain weight

Choosing food is the first step in determining the success of the weight loss process.

1. Buy in bulk

Many people think buying in bulk will save money. However, it can become a risk that you may not adjust your eating habits and be wasteful. When there are plenty of junk food available, pastries in the home make it easier for you to eat more.

2. Do not read the ingredients carefully

Before you put food in the cart, carefully check the ingredients. The products you buy every day can be high in harmful sugar and fats. This habit makes you rethink every time you buy food, drink, and spices.

3. Shopping when hungry

Buying food when you’re hungry makes it difficult to control your thoughts. This can be overcome by eating more fruits like apples, bananas or nuts. Research in the Journal of Nutrition shows that adjusting your food buying habits can help you lose weight.

4. Do not prepare shopping list

Shopping list helps you to get rid of temptations. Supermarkets, markets are places with variety of food. Once you’ve figured out what you want to buy, just follow the right list and skip the unnecessary ingredients.

5. Salad Bar

The salad bar looks convenient but does not guarantee the nutritional factor for those who want to control weight. Supermarket sauces do not clearly display ingredients. In addition, some ingredients such as fried chicken, noodles, mayonnaise marinated fruit are high in calories.

6. Let your children choose foods

When you let your child choose foods at the store, it will lead to a situation where it is difficult to control the type of food. Meanwhile, high-calorie confectionery products and chips will attract their attention. Eat this’s pen points out that these foods are often placed in the child’s eye.

7. Choose foods based on organic brands

Eating organic is a healthy choice. However, not all products should be included in a weight loss menu. Calorie control is still the main factor. Foods still cause weight gain if you eat too much.