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5 foods to avoid if you want to own 6 pack abs

Exercising day after day in the gym does not guarantee you have a 6-pack. Nutrition plays a crucial role, so avoid the following foods to reach your goals soon.

Exercise is only a part of aiming to have a toned, healthy body that nutrition plays a very important role. The fact that you spend hours every day to build up does not guarantee you will have clear abs. Pay attention to scientific eating and should avoid the following foods:

1. Red meat and processed meats

Recent scientific studies on more than 370,000 people have found that people who regularly eat red meats (primarily beef) gain an average of nearly 0.5 kg a year. Even people who only eat a small piece of steak every day gain an average of nearly 5 kg in 5 years.

Not only red meat, processed meats are also high in fat, greatly affecting fat storage and gaining weight for people to eat.

5 loại thức ăn cần tránh xa nếu bạn muốn sở hữu bụng 6 múi

2. Dietary soda

Not everything related to the word “diet” is good. Many carbonated drinks labeled as “zero calories” are misleading consumers about their effects. These types of water contain sugar and it is the cause of weight gain. Drinking plenty of water, dubbed the “weight loss remedy”, also puts users at risk of diabetes.

3. Refined cereals

Refined grains are now available for sale with ads on the sky about their weight loss effects. Which is no need to eat anything, just drink a certain amount of the day is enough nutrition for the body, rapid weight loss without water retention. Do not believe!

In addition, reduce the starch in white rice, white bread and pasta. Eat more vegetables, tubers, fruits and colored starches like brown rice, nuts will be good for health.

4. Ice cream and cakes

Experts recommend that you do not touch the creams on cakes because they contain a lot of content causing obesity. The colorful cream on the cake looks very appealing, but they are really unhealthy. Besides, easy-to-eat foods like pizza, snacks, milk tea also make you accumulate belly fat.

5. Potato products

A large-scale survey of more than 120,000 people over 20 years found surprising results. Experts test every four years, who eat potato-related products tend to increase by 1.5kg and increase by about 7.5kg during the survey period.

5 loại thức ăn cần tránh xa nếu bạn muốn sở hữu bụng 6 múi

These are just research-based suggestions of experts, it’s not entirely true for everyone. If too much abstinence or eating too much mouth, then it is also harmful to you. The most important thing is to eat as much as you want and especially to exercise regularly to have a healthy body.

Some Drinks That Help You Lose Weight And Stay Fit

Drinks are easily digested and faster than the food we use without careful consideration, affecting weight and body shape.

Here are the drinks that you might consider for weight loss purposes. These drinks will help you replenish water, improve sleep and good digestion.

Turmeric milk tea

Tim hieu ve 5 loai do uong giup giam can va giu dang hinh anh 1

Sleep plays an important role in effective weight loss and a cup of warm turmeric milk will help you have a better sleep. In addition, turmeric contains curcumin which helps to shrink the size of fat cells and limit fat accumulation. Curcumin also stimulates anti-oxidation, reduces inflammation and relieves stress.

Green tea

Tim hieu ve 5 loai do uong giup giam can va giu dang hinh anh 2

Drinking green tea regularly not only enhances fat metabolism but also plays a key role in maintaining body shape and reducing appetite. The study of the American College of Nutrition showed that within 2 months, those who drank green tea lost an average of 2.7kg compared to people who only drank water.

Green tea also contains antioxidants and flavonoids that help prevent cancer and is good for general health. Drink fresh tea, don’t add sugar, ice cream or drink bottled tea outside the store.

The coffee

Kết quả hình ảnh cho coffee

Many studies have shown that people who drink coffee before exercising have more calories than people who drink only about 12-20% for certain exercises. Besides, coffee also positively affects hormones that regulate blood sugar as well as the body’s fat storage and burning.

However, in order to achieve this effect, you should not drink coffee with sugar, fresh milk, condensed milk and fresh cream, especially mixed coffee like mocha, cappuccino…

Kombucha Ginseng tea

Tim hieu ve 5 loai do uong giup giam can va giu dang hinh anh 3

This fermented beverage is made from a microbe that rich in probiotics and mild sweet tea. More and more research on the effects of Kombucha on intestinal health, obesity, weight loss, blood sugar balance and hormone balance. Supplying the intestinal system with these good bacteria has a positive effect on weight loss.

Kombucha is increasingly popular on the market, you just need to find products with a sugar content of less than 5g for each serving can be safely used.





Drinking coffee may make you live longer

Scientist from the national Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health, in a largest study of its kind, discovered that the more the coffee you take, the longer you may live.

It was reported that there was an inversely proportional relationship between coffee drinkers and mortality. It does not matter what kind of coffee you take, be it filtered, instant or decaffeinated, the result is the same. According to the report, those who take a cup of coffee a day, had a 8 percent lower risk of early death while those who drank eight or more cups a day, will lower their risk by almost 14 percent when compared to those who don’t drink coffee.

Growing Evidences that coffee is healthy

Researches in the past few years have all point to the fact that drinking coffee in moderation help to lower the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and Parkinson disease.

One surprising thing according to the result, is that heavy coffee drinkers appear to have a lower risk of death from heart disease and cancer than those who take few cups a day. Also, some smaller studies carried out earlier have inferred that drinking as few as three cups a day may not be so good to our heart.

What is the role of Caffeine in all this?

Researchers are surprised to found out that the genetic differences affecting caffeine metabolism did not affect the results as it made no difference as far as longevity is concerned. People’s bodies process caffeine slower or faster depending on their genes.

How coffee appears to increase longevity

Studies have suggested that it is the non-caffeine components of coffee that might be responsible for this inverse proportional relationship coffee drinkers have with mortality. There are more than a thousand components in coffee including antioxidants and other substances that may affect inflammation and energy metabolism.

Antioxidants in coffee do not only reduce inflammation but also help to improve sensitivity to Insulin and help to normalize how the blood vessels function in the heart and other organs. The report concluded by providing further reassurance that coffee drinking can be a part of a heathy diet and lifestyles. So, for everyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee and have experienced no side effect while taking it, it is advisable you continue to enjoy it and derive the maximum heath benefit it has to offer.