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5 foods to avoid if you want to own 6 pack abs

Exercising day after day in the gym does not guarantee you have a 6-pack. Nutrition plays a crucial role, so avoid the following foods to reach your goals soon.

Exercise is only a part of aiming to have a toned, healthy body that nutrition plays a very important role. The fact that you spend hours every day to build up does not guarantee you will have clear abs. Pay attention to scientific eating and should avoid the following foods:

1. Red meat and processed meats

Recent scientific studies on more than 370,000 people have found that people who regularly eat red meats (primarily beef) gain an average of nearly 0.5 kg a year. Even people who only eat a small piece of steak every day gain an average of nearly 5 kg in 5 years.

Not only red meat, processed meats are also high in fat, greatly affecting fat storage and gaining weight for people to eat.

5 loại thức ăn cần tránh xa nếu bạn muốn sở hữu bụng 6 múi

2. Dietary soda

Not everything related to the word “diet” is good. Many carbonated drinks labeled as “zero calories” are misleading consumers about their effects. These types of water contain sugar and it is the cause of weight gain. Drinking plenty of water, dubbed the “weight loss remedy”, also puts users at risk of diabetes.

3. Refined cereals

Refined grains are now available for sale with ads on the sky about their weight loss effects. Which is no need to eat anything, just drink a certain amount of the day is enough nutrition for the body, rapid weight loss without water retention. Do not believe!

In addition, reduce the starch in white rice, white bread and pasta. Eat more vegetables, tubers, fruits and colored starches like brown rice, nuts will be good for health.

4. Ice cream and cakes

Experts recommend that you do not touch the creams on cakes because they contain a lot of content causing obesity. The colorful cream on the cake looks very appealing, but they are really unhealthy. Besides, easy-to-eat foods like pizza, snacks, milk tea also make you accumulate belly fat.

5. Potato products

A large-scale survey of more than 120,000 people over 20 years found surprising results. Experts test every four years, who eat potato-related products tend to increase by 1.5kg and increase by about 7.5kg during the survey period.

5 loại thức ăn cần tránh xa nếu bạn muốn sở hữu bụng 6 múi

These are just research-based suggestions of experts, it’s not entirely true for everyone. If too much abstinence or eating too much mouth, then it is also harmful to you. The most important thing is to eat as much as you want and especially to exercise regularly to have a healthy body.

What is overtraining and how to recognize the signs of it?

Discovering the symptoms of Overtraining syndrome, Jordan Metzl medical physician has identified three main signs when you are starting to suffer from this syndrome.

Affect the spirit

One of the most common symptoms of Overtraining syndrome is exhaustion. The mental fatigue is something that many people overlook, but it plays a very important role in training. Tired mind is always accompanied by an unhealthy body, a drop of energy leading to unwanted incidents and injuries.

To prevent mental exhaustion, always be mindful of your own emotions and mind. Taking advantage of free time to make up for the lack of sleep, rest is one of the great mental improvement methods that give the body time to heal itself. You should create a schedule of relaxing activities for yourself such as massage, mineral bath. Be a little bit easier to yourself and do not ignore any signs of exhaustion of the body.

Hormonal effects

If you begin to suspect that you have a hormonal disorder, talk to your doctor or find a sports nutritionist. Conduct a blood test to check for hormonal abnormalities and provide information useful for the diagnosis. The most common problem that can be noticed is that the body lacks nutrients – calories that are not enough for calories consumed by sports activities – will be treated with methods of adjusting the diet in a smart way.

Affect physically

The most obvious sign of Overtraining syndrome is physical damage. Athletes find Jordan Metzl’s clinic with limp and sore feet. Mental trauma can heal in a few weeks, but for these serious physical injuries the body may need several months to be completely cured.

Heelless running shoes to avoid injury coming to market

Just like mental and hormonal overload, physical overload means you’re squeezing too much. Remember that each person’s 10-mile running experience will be different, depending on the individual’s body and health status. Minor aches and pains can become serious without long-term visits. So, quickly check if any body pain is present.

In summary, the training process should comply with the rules of health, nutrition and physical. If signs of Overtraining syndrome are detected early, it is very likely that you will quickly return to the track, not to go to the doctor for treatment. Always listen and pay attention to what your body is saying.

7 simple secrets to losing weight while sleeping

It may seem like a joke, but these weight loss tips are directly related to your sleep. However, not many people understand the importance of getting enough sleep, especially when it comes to losing weight.

1. Sleep in the dark

Night lights can interfere with the production of sleeping hormones, which can make it difficult to sleep and control your metabolism. In addition to turning off the night light, you can use a sleep mask and blackout curtains to completely darken. When sleeping in the dark, you will sleep better, helping to control the metabolism to support weight loss effectively.


2. Nudity

From helping you sleep fast to supporting better sleep quality, sleeping naked also lowers body temperature. You will have a better and deeper sleep, which is great for stabilizing the body to adapt to the weight loss diet you are following.

3. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day

The erratic sleep schedule is linked to excessive weight gain. The melatonin hormone, which tells us when to go to sleep, also helps trigger the calorie burning process.

Irregular sleep patterns interfere with melatonin production, leading to a decrease in sleep quality. You may feel tired in the morning and crave for high-calorie snacks to boost energy. If you want to avoid this, you need to go to bed and wake up on time every day.


4. Turn off the phone

When it is announced, mobile phones and other electronic devices emit light in advance, which significantly affects sleep. Numerous studies have demonstrated that exposure to this light right before bed will disrupt the production of melatonin – the hormone involved in the onset of sleep.

5. Sip some grape juice

Grape juice contains resveratrol which helps burn calories. It helps convert bad white fat into brown fat. When you sleep, your body uses brown fat to stay warm. Therefore, drinking a glass of grape juice before bed will force you to remove excess fat instead of storing them.

6. Snack on protein


Protein-rich foods like Greek yogurt, cheese, lean chicken or peanut butter will speed up your metabolism and help your muscles grow. So you can eat them before going to bed without harm and cause weight gain.

7. Drink herbal tea

Some herbal teas can help you lose weight at night, such as cinnamon has anti-inflammatory effects and prevents flatulence in the morning, peppermint prevents appetite and helps you avoid snacking, meanwhile, chamomile Improve digestion and relax nerves.

Method to lose weight for Mesomorph people

Knowing which location you belong to is important to determine the best weight loss method and the most effective. We will save time for weight loss, avoid going around trying ways to reduce fat not adapted to the body.

This article discusses the Mesomorph location and the method of weight loss for Mesomorph people.

Mesomorph locals are also considered quite fortunate. According to Sheldon, a psychophysiologist, with a natural physiological condition, they have less fat and more muscle on their body.


However, the Mesomorph group can gain weight if they do not pay attention to their diet. The good news is that with the standard diet for Mesomorph, they can completely lose weight easily.

Mesomorphs have no trouble eating what they want to eat because they can easily lose weight afterward. But on the contrary, they can gain weight in the same way.

Mesomorph weight loss menu

Although the Mesomorphs group doesn’t need to calculate the calories needed as thoroughly as endomorphs, adjusting the proportions will help you control your calorie intake.


According to expert Ryan Andrews, the Mesomorph diet may include the following foods and they should be used for quantification by hand. The menu for men of Mesomorph will double the weight of food that Mesomorph women will eat. The male will use 2 fists (hands) for the following types:

– Protein-rich foods like chicken

– Vegetables

– Carbs: like rice

– Olive oil (use 1-2 tablespoons)

Thus, the diet of Mesomorph human organs focuses on increasing protein with little emphasis on carbohydrates. Therefore, one of your meals should revolve around the main food groups as above.

Exercises to bring beautiful physique for Mesomorph people

Regular exercise is great for your health, it also helps you boost your metabolism and control your calorie intake, so it will bring you back to your ideal weight and stay there.

Experts recommend that you exercise for 5-30 minutes, such as jogging, swimming, boating, and climbing stairs. Or perform exercises that are considered to be good for Mesomorphic people as follows.


Mesomorphians can do weight training exercises to build muscle. You should exercise only a maximum of 5 days/1 week. Choose from 3 to 4 weight exercises with the help of a trainer at the gym. Use medium to heavyweights with 8 and 12 reps then repeat. Rest for 30 to 90 seconds between sessions. You can maintain muscle by doing more repetitive exercises with less weight.

Cardio exercise

Mesomorphs should work out cardio for about 40 minutes, 3 to 5 times throughout your weekly routine. Along with stable exercises, such as running, swimming or cycling, try doing high-intensity exercise and then doing lighter exercises, repeating throughout the exercise.

Is weight loss drug effective?

If ineffective – will the weight loss drug develop as widely as it does now? The first thing that can be clearly seen is the popularity of weight loss pills at the moment.

Owning an attractive body, a balanced physique is always a dream for women. And worrying about staying in shape is never a simple problem, many women have tried many methods of wasting time, money, effort but not always get the desired effect. In recent years, the use of weight loss supplements has become widespread, but many people still wonder if weight loss pills are really effective?

The first thing that can be clearly seen is the popularity of weight loss pills at the moment. When you type in the search bar the phrase “weight loss drug” will give you thousands of links to search information with a variety of models and brands of different reputable companies. So, if you deny that drug can really not work, this is completely unreasonable. An item will not exist and grow without consumers and there is no value in terms of quality. Moreover, most weight loss drugs are manufactured by leading companies from modern countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, so the quality of the product will be more or less guaranteed.

There are two common weight loss medications: weight loss pills and supplements that help you lose weight. Basically, weight loss pills will help you stop cravings and help you burn off excess body fat. For obese people, standing in front of a table full of food but unable to enjoy is a very tiring job. You use the medicine to avoid hunger that affects you. But this does not mean that you lose your taste buds, your eating habits remain and it only reduces and adjusts the amount that suits you.

Many comments have been made about using the product to help lose weight in the early stages, but after stopping the drug, the weight returns quickly. This is a real situation, the reason why weight loss pills are gaining weight is simply that in a day you need 3,000 calories of medicine, which will help you reduce about 500 calories. After many months of using, when you see your desired weight, you stop using the medicine immediately so the medicine will not bring you a safe fast weight-loss effect.

However, to maintain your ideal weight after weight loss, you need to have a low energy diet and be active. Weight loss drugs need a certain amount and reasonable, should not just use the product according to the emotional. Therefore, when using the product, you should consult with experts or specialized doctors to choose the right medicine for your location as well as the appropriate dosage.

Weight loss pills are just a functional food, but if you do not know how to use them properly or buy low quality products, it will lead to serious consequences, up to 90% of people taking weight loss pills of unknown origin will develop cardiovascular disease when they are over 50 years old. So should you risk taking unknown drugs for your weight loss method? Use genuine weight loss pills to ensure safety.

5 weight loss foods you did not expect

You are in the process of losing weight, so you should always consider before eating because you are afraid that eating a lot will gain weight.

You probably do not know that there are foods that eat as much as beneficial to your weight loss process. Can you believe it? Here will be the weight loss foods that, refer to offline.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a great source of starch compared to other foods, but it’s worth mentioning that the amount of starch in sweet potatoes is only half that of potatoes and one-third of the rice. So do not worry about eating more sweet potatoes will be fat. In addition, sweet potatoes also have many vitamins, amino acids, zinc, calcium. very good for your skin. Thus, you can just lose weight by eating sweet potatoes instead of rice, but also makes your skin more beautiful.

Black chocolate

According to research at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, dark chocolate will make you feel full for a long time because dark chocolate has substances that slow down the digestion process. One interesting thing that you should know is that even a small piece of chocolate can reduce your craving for salt, sugar and high-fat foods. However, you should pay attention not to eat a lot of chocolate because this is a food that provides quite a lot of energy. So can we also consider dark chocolate as a weight-loss food?


According to research by scientists in Australia, oranges are the highest ranked fruit on the list of satiety-boosting foods. Moreover, the fiber in oranges can help you lose fat and make your muscles firmer. You can also drink a glass of orange juice every day instead of eating whole fruits, in addition to the role of losing weight, it is also a good source of calcium, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is also an optimal solution for fat people, especially those who do not have a habit of drinking milk.


Tofu is also considered a food product rich in vegetable protein, so when you eat a lot, you will feel full for a long time. Tofu can also help dispel the excess fat in your abdomen. Based on this benefit, you can eat tofu instead of the main foods during meals. This is one of the effective foods to lose weight and get in shape.


Eggs are not only nutritious but also a lot of protein. Eating eggs at breakfast helps limit your appetite, so you can eat about 300 fewer calories for the rest of a day than you normally would.

Trứng có chức năng giảm cân tốt

You can easily buy eggs anywhere. According to nutrition information, each egg contains about 78 calories, so each adult day should only eat 1 adult. Particularly for fried eggs, note only a little oil in a non-stick pan for processing. This will help limit fat intake.

Drinking water helps you lose weight effectively

Water plays an important role in the body, more importantly, it helps you lose weight when drinking properly.

According to Leah Kaufman, dietitian of NYU Langone Medical’s weight management program, the amount of calories you consume is important, but the amount of water you drink plays a huge role in transforming what you absorb. As a result, she even encouraged her patients to download apps like Waterlogged or Water Drink Reminder to remind them to drink continuously throughout the day.

Here are some great uses that drinking water can help you burn more calories, limit overeating and lose weight.

Water enhances your workout

If you lose water during exercise, your exercise and body will be affected. One thing for sure is that you don’t feel thirsty until you lose about 2% of your body weight. According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the lack of water makes your exercise performance drop.


The American Council on Exercise recommends that women drink 2.7 liters of water a day. Experts recommend that you drink about 450ml of water before entering the gym and 200ml of water every 30 minutes during exercise, this way you drink about 8 glasses of water a day.

If your post-workout weight is less than your pre-workout weight, you don’t drink enough water. Therefore, you must add in the missing amount of water.

Water boosts metabolism

Water enhances your burning calories because every time you eat or drink, your body has to work (also known as burning calories) to boost metabolism. Therefore, drinking water will slow down the process of consuming calories.

In a study of healthy people, published in The Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, drinking 450ml of water increased participants’ metabolic rate by about 30%. The researchers concluded that drinking 1.5 liters of water a day burns around 200 calories daily.

Water reduces hunger

Water also helps you reduce hunger, so drink a glass of water when your stomach is ravenous. A 2015 Oxford University study found that if obese people drank about 450ml before a meal, the amount of food they consumed would be less.


Water increases energy

Energy in losing weight is very important. Drinking plenty of water increases energy levels, as your energy levels rise, you maintain exercise and reduce cravings. Water accounts for 70% of the body weight. Therefore, it helps the brain to focus your cells and muscles fed with oxygen and nutrients.

When you’re tired, drink some water instead of going to energy drinks. Dehydration is also one of the causes that make your body tired, dizzy, reduce the performance of studying and working.

Some benefits of weight loss pills

The use of weight loss pills is the choice of many people who want to have a slim body. But users need to carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of them to ensure health.

Weight loss medicine helps shorten the time to lose weight

One of the main advantages of using a weight loss pill is that you don’t have to spend too much time on your personal weight loss campaign within your limited time. For example, if you do exercise, at least every day you will have to spend at least 30-60 minutes to practice. As for weight loss pills, you can use them conveniently, just a few seconds and spend 10-15 minutes more sports activities to increase efficiency if possible.

Diversity of categories and reasonable prices

Weight loss pills are cheaper and safer than some other methods such as cosmetic surgery, liposuction. There are many types of weight loss pills on the market, suitable for each person’s pocket, there you have pretty much the choice.

Easy to use

You can use it anytime and anywhere while traveling, on the office or cooking at home.

In addition to the above advantages, a number of other benefits associated with weight loss drugs such as you do not have to put effort into exercise that is too exhausting, or follow a harsh diet. All of that can make your body tired, deficiency can even cause physical exhaustion if you follow a long-term diet.

However, users should also pay attention to some disadvantages of weight loss pills:

– Need to learn carefully about the instructions for use and compliance, pay attention before or after meals, do not forget to drink. In case you’re already supporting weight loss, try to reduce your daily intake to less.

– Some weight loss drugs may interact with other medications. Therefore, you need to be consulted in detail about what cases can and cannot be used with these weight loss medications. In addition, you also need to find out when to use weight loss pills and find answers to questions related to them.

Before taking any medicine into the body, you must also understand and research clearly. Every product has both advantages and disadvantages, you need to find a product to support yourself in each case cleverly, smartly, avoiding side effects.

The role of exercise and eating in weight loss

In terms of weight loss, exercise only plays an auxiliary role for proper eating. If you reduce both eating and exercise, the weight loss results will be more positive.

Currently, besides sports on online casinos, sports helping lose weight are being paid much attention. In the context of food and material abundance, people often promote exercise for the purpose of weight loss. This is the type of advertising to hit the psychological.

Exercise and sports often do not lead to much weight loss. The reason is that exercising increases the appetite can make people eat more. Exercise also causes the body to produce more muscle, which is heavier than fat tissue.

In addition, cutting calories from the diet is often easier than exercising to the point of burning enough calories to lose weight. For example, in general, a person needs to cut 500 calories/day from his diet to lose 0.45kg in a week.

Theoretically, burning 500 calories through exercise and sports instead of restricting eating may be feasible, but in practice, it is more difficult to do, because it takes more time and requires people to apply and not absorb more calories than currently available.

Some research results on the amount of energy consumed through exercise show that:

– The more you exercise, the slower your basic metabolism rate will be, the less energy your body will use for later activities. In other words, when exercising a lot, the body will activate the anti-weight loss mechanism.

– The calorie consumption level is actually limited, not the longer you exercise, the stronger the intensity, the more calories you consume as treadmill statistics still show you. When we reach a certain threshold of movement, our bodies begin to slow down calorie burning.


After much research, one can conclude: one can never equate the role of eating and exercise when it comes to weight loss.

Mayo Medical Center (USA) also supports the idea that, in terms of weight loss, diet is more important than sport. “Cutting calories through changing diets seems to promote weight loss more effectively than exercise, sports and physical activity. For most people, reducing calorie absorption to a healthier level is more feasible than burning more calories through increased exercise”, wrote an article by Dr. Donald Hensrud of the Mayo Health Center.

How to lose weight just effective and safe for health

Increasing living standards lead to a higher risk of obesity. How to lose weight is both effective and safe for health is also a question many people are concerned about.

To make the body slim, there are many methods: exercise, diet, medication or equivalent products to increase fat metabolism, loss of appetite, …

With high-speed slimming drugs that can reduce appetite, it can help the body lose weight quite quickly, but also bring many problems to the body. Due to the sharp decrease in daily nutritional intake, the body will be tired, health will be reduced, the skin will lose its rosy color and lose its elasticity. But more dangerous can lead to anorexia, malnutrition, and consequently exhausted health, the disease has a chance to develop, by this time the patient can only regret but it is too late, and How much money has been saved to cure anorexia hoping to regain its inherent health

According to nutrition experts, slimming diets does not mean fasting, but also must follow a balanced diet to ensure health.


A balanced diet helps maintain the body’s full supply of nutrients according to essential needs, including Protein, Starch, Vitamine, Lipid, minerals, micronutrients, etc. This can prevent obesity at the same time but does not lead to malnutrition and other serious illnesses.

The secret of a well-balanced diet is based on 3 simple factors that anyone can do easily. It is balanced, varied and moderate. Ideal meal volume should be balanced according to the ratio of 50% starch; 25% meat, eggs, fish; 25% of fruits and vegetables. With the same amount of food, dividing into several small meals will be more effective for weight loss. Should ensure the amount of water for the body at 1.5-2 liters a day depending on age, needs, activities, weather.


For those who have conditions to exercise, if you want to lose weight, you should not fast or diet very harmful to your health, but maintain regular exercise combined with a diet. Many women went to the gym and saw a few kgs of weight loss and were happy and did not work anymore. As a result, the weight increases because the body is not trained to burn excess energy. Moreover, after a period of exercise combined with dieting, the appetite of the body is increasing more than before so many people have no control over their diet.

An effective and effective way to lose weight is to use natural weight-loss products. These products help you lose weight effectively without causing adverse health effects. For sustainable weight loss results, in addition to choosing a perfect weight loss product, you should also build yourself a reasonable diet and an appropriate campaign and exercise plan.