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5 simple tips for effective slimming

Are you trying to lose belly fat? What would you think if we told you that this can happen with no effort or any diet?

Belly fat is one of the things that worries women the most. To be successful in this, many people believe that there must be perseverance and patience in their diet. That is why it is so useful if we find the causes of belly fat.

Busy people often don’t have time to practice. However, this is no longer necessary because there are a few habits that we regularly practice but perhaps incorrectly can gradually reduce your belly fat.

1. Stand up straight

It is not surprising that a perfect figure can do wonders for both back, abdomen and bones. Besides standing wrong, humpbacked standing can add a bit of fat to your stomach, it can also make you lose confidence. For a quick and surprising result, practice with a few more moves to correct your posture.

During exercise, you will notice your abdominal muscles get stronger and stronger and now your bones do the same movements. This will make you practice without getting too overwhelmed. Follow the traditional way of putting a book on top and then back and forth for a few minutes and you will get used to it. If you follow this practice regularly, you will be training your body to stay upright at all times.

2. Reduce stress

Stress is the cause of your plan to lose belly fat collapsed. It causes too much anxiety for you thus increasing the production of a hormone called cortisol that directly adds belly fat.

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise to reduce stress and keep human form. However, you can also add in other stress relief exercises.

Always remember that breathing should not be done sporadically. There are a few breathing exercises that can reduce fat and also train your bones. These are the easiest exercises for belly fat.

3. Squeeze belly fat

Squeezing your belly fat may seem uncomfortable, but it offers benefits, both for bones and skin. It is a popular and easy way to help tighten your stomach and train your muscles.

Experts encourage squeezing belly fat until it becomes a habit and you will naturally do it over and over in your training cycle. Those who have practiced it have also shown that this method does not harm at all.

4. Sleep well

Besides stress, lack of sleep is also another reason contributing to increased fat in the abdomen. It is a well-known fact that inadequate sleep can seriously affect your body. You will not be able to maintain a good shape if you sleep too little or sleep a lot.

The best way is to get rid of that habit and set up a specific and regular schedule. Try to sleep at the right time instead of strenuously.

5. Reduce alcohol

You may not know that alcohol is the factor that promotes the aforementioned cortisol with the effect of increasing belly fat. Since these hormones directly add fat to the abdominal area, you will find that with excessive consumption of alcohol or alcohol, it can be difficult to practice staying fit.

This is the time to quit this unhealthy habit and instead drink purified water.

Top 3 sports to support weight loss effectively

The harmonious combination of diet, rest and exercise is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, assisting in maintaining the ideal physique and good health.

In it, the most important thing is choosing the right sport to support metabolism, which helps to maximize the fat burning process instead of storing it in the body. Here are 3 sports that support effective weight loss and health improvement.

1. Walking

Nothing helps maintain good shape by working hard and walking, instead of sitting still. Walking around the company or around the house you live in will bring you more comfort and relief. Walking is an activity that does not require skill and does not cause long-term negative effects on joints and ligaments. Therefore, walking is a sport suitable for people of all ages. Moreover, with this sport, you will be able to practice in your own world without being affected by those around you. The only thing you need to do is to make yourself enjoy the sport and maintain regular exercise every day.

Top 3 môn thể thao hỗ trợ giảm cân hiệu quả

2. Cycling

Another way to both exercise and lose weight can both enjoy the fresh air and the sound of life is cycling. This sport can help you burn more than 1,100 calories in just one hour of activity. Most importantly, this sport is suitable for everyone. Unlike jogging – a sport that is not good for some people due to the impact on the joints, ankles, knees and shins, cycling is a sport that anyone can do, no distraction. gender, age or physical condition.

Top 3 môn thể thao hỗ trợ giảm cân hiệu quả

Ride a bike around your neighborhood, hang out on the streets or take part in an amateur cycling competition to create more excitement for exercise. In addition, if your home is not too far from the company, cycling to work will help promote blood circulation in your body before starting a busy working day.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a sport suitable for people of all ages and all different forms with weight loss effects while improving health extremely effectively. With this sport, you will have more choices in creating richness in the practice space and feeling excited and excited when practicing. You can go swimming in a public swimming pool near your home, join a swimming club, swim in the lake or the sea. Swimming is not only a safe sport with moderate intensity but also helps to mobilize arms, legs, major muscle groups, and even improve cardiovascular and lung health.

boi loi giam can

This is a particularly suitable sport for those who have difficulty forming regular exercise routines, which is an excellent choice for obese, elderly and postpartum women. It can be said that swimming is almost a fun activity in the water but there is a purpose. Therefore, you can completely relieve stress and enjoy life right in the practice. In addition, because swimming helps to improve all muscle groups, this is a very good sport for those who need to recover from an accident, injury and even a newborn. Don’t worry if you can’t swim. Because even simply walking in the water level above your knees helps you practice somewhat. However, in order to get the desired weight loss results by swimming, join a swimming course to be able to exercise the maximum and most effective body!

In short, be determined and persistent with the sports you have chosen to succeed with your weight loss plan. Sooner or later you will have the dream and health you deserve.









Fitness Beauty Girl Ever Suffered Crisis Weighed

The popularity of Alexis Ren as well as what she gets today are apart from the sexual allure of long legs girl who was born in 1996.

Just 21 years old, but since a few years ago, the name Alexis Ren has become extremely famous on social networks. She owns an Instagram account with 12,7 million fans. This is where she shows off the beautiful images, as well as a place to help Alexis Ren earn lots of money.


Outstanding 1m75 height property, so since the age of 13, Alexis Ren were signed modeling for brand Brandy Melville. In 14 years as a contract with the Nous Models Management and not long after that was a sign advertising contracts with Seventeen magazine. That all young girls are desired.

Beautiful, flawless body with ten thousand people are desired, but few knows that Alexis Ren had ever been struggling with an eating disorder diseases. That moment in 2015, when she was 18, a year after her mother died of breast cancer. To overcome the pain of losing her mother, Alexis Ren moved from the US to Australia as a model in a few months. But when returned to the US, the management company discovered the leggy teen has gained weight. And this is when she began to feel loss of control overeating and weight matter.

Thanks to the meeting with ex-boyfriend is Jay Alvarrez, the beauty 9x overcame the terrible fear about the crisis weighed as well as ignore the criticism about the appearance. At the present time, Alexis Ren is one of the most famous swimsuit models and fitness stars on social network. She maintained the balance by eating the fresh food, organic origin.

Alexis Ren exercises from 5-7 days in a week and with high intensity. She set a variety of subjects such as pilates, running, boxing, climbing, martial arts,… The beauty likes practicing in the morning, after breakfast or before lunch.

The dynamic lifestyle of Alexis Ren has inspired a lot of young women. For now, she is the perfect or not does not matter. The most important thing is, all these things Alexis Ren does are what she wants and she understands that a healthy, active lifestyle will help herself, instead of trying to run as a role model imposed by anyone. This is also what her mom always wanted her daughter to do if she was alive.