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What type of exercises help to lose weight fastest? (Part 1)

Based on the level of energy consumed in each subject, we can choose the type of exercise that suits our goals and preferences.

Let’s find out some types of exercises help to lose weight fastest in this article!

Currently, we have many choices in training with different methods and sports such as running, weight training, cycling, yoga, etc.

Besides the different types of exercise, the level of energy consumed in each subject is also not equal. This factor is the basis of evaluating the speed and effectiveness of each method.

However, many people are calculating the calories consumed in a sport by the amount of sweat and pressure they experience during exercise.

According to CNET, the most accurate method of calculating calories consumed during exercise is to use electronic devices that monitor heart rate and based on the subject’s age, gender, weight, and height.

If we do not own such a device and have not had the opportunity to try all sports, we can still grasp the basic calorie consumption in popular exercise methods, thereby choosing the right form with the target.

Factors that influence calorie intake:

Coach Brook Taylor (USA) said that the main factors affecting and determining the amount of calories consumed during the training session include:

– Heart rate threshold during exercise: During exercise, we need to find out our maximum heart rate and target for this index in each phase of movement. Thereby, the training effect will be best guaranteed.

– Resting heart rate: For those with normal health, the heart rate when inactive will be at the threshold of 60-100 beats / minute.

Weight: According to Brook, people with a high weight consume more calories during exercise.

– Type of exercise: Heart rate-based exercise methods such as running, cycling, etc., will force the body to consume more energy than doing weights or yoga during movement.

4 sports to help you lose weight effectively

You want to lose weight, sports is one of the effective ways to lose weight effectively. Here are 4 sports to help you lose weight.

The first rule for weight loss training is to choose a sport that suits your health, especially it must be your favorite sport. Choosing for yourself a favorite sport to practice every day is how you quickly lose the fat and quickly regain your physique.


Yoga is one of the sports very suitable for those who want to lose weight effectively, yoga requires the practitioner to spend a lot of patience and this is also a sport that helps release energy and improve strength, stamina, ability to concentrate and relieve stress, as well as reduce stress best.


Yoga exercises are practiced in a hot room and the poses revolve around cardiovascular exercises and are performed at a fast pace.

Practicing yoga helps release energy throughout the body, firming muscle groups and increasing fat burning in the abdomen and back, followed by the hips and pelvis.


Tennis is a sport that helps burn the body’s calories the most, helping you lose weight effectively. Playing tennis continuously for an hour will help you burn from 600 to 900 calories of body fat. In addition, regular tennis training will give you a great opportunity to release calories while improving your speed, strength, and resilience.

Belly dancing


Belly dancing is a flexible sport that helps you relieve stress, improve your posture, especially support and help you lose weight effectively. Especially practicing belly dance will make your abs as well as your thigh muscles slimmer, assisting in weight loss because burning large amounts of fat and calories helps to lose weight effectively and quickly.


Kickboxing is a sport built on the movements of Thai martial arts and Boxing. This sport will help you to work the whole body and especially focus on strong exercise in core muscle groups. Kickboxing not only brings health, endurance, strengthens muscles and bones, equipped with self-defense skills, but it is also a sport to help lose weight effectively.