What is overtraining and how to recognize the signs of it?

Discovering the symptoms of Overtraining syndrome, Jordan Metzl medical physician has identified three main signs when you are starting to suffer from this syndrome.

Affect the spirit

One of the most common symptoms of Overtraining syndrome is exhaustion. The mental fatigue is something that many people overlook, but it plays a very important role in training. Tired mind is always accompanied by an unhealthy body, a drop of energy leading to unwanted incidents and injuries.

To prevent mental exhaustion, always be mindful of your own emotions and mind. Taking advantage of free time to make up for the lack of sleep, rest is one of the great mental improvement methods that give the body time to heal itself. You should create a schedule of relaxing activities for yourself such as massage, mineral bath. Be a little bit easier to yourself and do not ignore any signs of exhaustion of the body.

Hormonal effects

If you begin to suspect that you have a hormonal disorder, talk to your doctor or find a sports nutritionist. Conduct a blood test to check for hormonal abnormalities and provide information useful for the diagnosis. The most common problem that can be noticed is that the body lacks nutrients – calories that are not enough for calories consumed by sports activities – will be treated with methods of adjusting the diet in a smart way.

Affect physically

The most obvious sign of Overtraining syndrome is physical damage. Athletes find Jordan Metzl’s clinic with limp and sore feet. Mental trauma can heal in a few weeks, but for these serious physical injuries the body may need several months to be completely cured.

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Just like mental and hormonal overload, physical overload means you’re squeezing too much. Remember that each person’s 10-mile running experience will be different, depending on the individual’s body and health status. Minor aches and pains can become serious without long-term visits. So, quickly check if any body pain is present.

In summary, the training process should comply with the rules of health, nutrition and physical. If signs of Overtraining syndrome are detected early, it is very likely that you will quickly return to the track, not to go to the doctor for treatment. Always listen and pay attention to what your body is saying.