What type of exercise helps to lose weight fastest? (Part 2)

Ranking of exercise methods:

Even though there are individual differences, sports calorie consumption is generally estimated to provide an overview for the practitioner. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE) methodology based on a person weighing nearly 60 kg (130 lb), the order of exercise methods in terms of calorie intake is:

– Running: 206 calories / 30 minutes.

Even at a slow pace, we can burn a sizable amount of calories in 30 minutes. To increase the effectiveness of weight loss, we can increase the intensity of running or sprinting in a number of intervals.

– Hiking: 176 calories / 30 minutes.

Not only does it help with weight loss, but going for long walks also opens up opportunities to relieve stress, suspend technology exposure by forcing us to go outdoors. Due to not traveling on a flat road, this activity requires the operator to navigate and overcome topographical obstacles, which in turn consumes more energy than normal walking.

– Cycling: 117 calories / 30 minutes.

Whether cycling fast or slow, the calories that we consume during the exercise of this sport is quite high. However, cycling is not the same form of interval training, high intensity and combined movements as in some classes today.

– Skipping (fast): 115 calories / 30 minutes.

This is a fun and reminiscent form of exercise for everyone. Different from the exercise pressure like the above methods, jumping rope is almost a game and still consumes a lot of calories.

Walking (medium pace): 97 calories / 30 minutes.

Walking is the simplest and easiest form of exercise for everyone. The special feature of this method is that we do not need to walk continuously for a short period of time. Changing the habit of moving around places near home or taking advantage of steps to increase the number of steps we work to burn a certain amount of calories.

– Weight training: 88 calories / 30 minutes.

While it’s not the form that helps us spend the most energy, weight training has many other benefits such as increased strength, muscle mass and improved metabolic rate. Notably, when we have more muscle, the increased metabolism helps the body burn more calories even when we rest. This is also a great benefit that makes weightlifting a method to improve your physique quickly.

– Yoga: 73 calories / 30 minutes.

Yoga is essentially a method of stretching and relaxing the body. Yoga does not require the body to use a lot of energy. However, this exercise method is especially suitable for those who want to improve their flexibility, recover and reduce stress.